Our in depth understanding of every element of the industry ensures that we are able to help our partners succeed.


Create Original Menu Concepts
Kitchen Equipment Planning & Layout
Recipe Standardization & Blueprinting
BOH Hands On Training
Purchasing & Competitive Bids Programming
Inventory Management
Best Practices & Sanitation Readiness
Key Employee Development Plans
Menu Efficiency & Management



Maximize Profit & ROI
Fully Developed Concepts Available
Technology & Automation Review
Steps of Service Development
Recruit Key Talent
Brand Compliance
FOH Training & Implementation
Complete Operational Audits
Development of Delivery Programs




Competitive Set & Market Analysis
Pricing, Marketing & Brand Support
Financial Planning
Short Term Maximum Impact Plan
Long Term Evolution & Growth
Roll Out Capabilities Marketing Positioning Awareness
Defining Brand Identity
Mystery Shopping

1994 – PRESENT

Barrio Foods Consulting is a partnership built on original restaurant and nightlife concepts as well as hotel food & beverage programming. With our combined hospitality experience, each member of our team contributes differing proficiencies that collectively provide for a well-rounded development and management team. Our extensive conceptual and operational proficiencies are coupled with our boundless network of industry professionals. The marriage of our operational acumen and networking system provides for a solid business foundation that can be easily expanded.
We view hospitality as fluid and ever changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire to enjoy something meaningful. With this in mind, Barrio Foods encourages operators to customize the guests’ experiences and encourages differentiation from today’s market offerings. It is our mission to hold a steadfast commitment to uncompromising excellence.


Barrio Spirits is a firm with dedicated professionals who have experience with craft spirits, private labeling, start-ups, big brands, and everything in between.  Our diversified team of experts will help take your brand through all the phases of development, launch, growth, and expansion.

We offer a full suite of services for the industry, including concept and product development, financial and business planning, branding and packaging design, distribution and sales, marketing and exit strategies. Our team understands first-hand the keys to success and the risks of failing. Our goal is to provide you with honest insight to help you succeed.

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