Restaurant Management

Back of House Efficiencies
Teaching the best utilization of your food service business’ staff and time.

Operational Systems
This includes point of sale equipment, staff scheduling, and the systemization of work flow.

Concept Creation
Helping you fully develop your business’ mission and identify its patrons.

Event Planning
Helping to maximize revenue and client experience.

Management Efficiencies
Evaluate and train management to ensure optimal benefits. Implementation of metrics used to evaluate successes and shortcoming of current team

Service & Hospitality
Implementing staff training, education and skills development.

Corporate services

Includes bookkeeping services and financial analysis.

Risk Management
Strategizing capital outlay coupled with business goals.

Purchasing Programs
Building relationships and accounts with major vendors to decrease spending.

Creating employee goals, staff evaluations, and motivational techniques.

Marketing Strategies
Comparative analyses and implementation of promotions including public relations, special events, and print and electronic media.